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Founded: August 2009. Closed: April 2012.

Tag and filter your peeps to organize them; add notes and full contact details; export custom lists to Twitter and vCard; receive a weekly report of your Twitter activity...everything you need to stay organized!

PeepNote was the vision of Brian Burridge, who assembled a team of top professionals in their fields to complete the project for the 2009 Rails Rumble, but with the intention that PeepNote would continue on past the competition. PeepNote continued for almost three years before the decision was made to close it down in April, 2012 to focus on other endeavors.

With Peepnote you could:

See and manage all of your peeps.

  1. Easily filter your peeps by tags you have assigned to them
  2. Apply built in filters, ex: has notes, favorite, mentioned you, following you
  3. Search your peep's Twitter bios and notes
  4. Export filtered list or search results to vCard or Twitter list
  5. Add Twitter users you aren't following so you can record notes and tags
  6. Quickly synchronize your PeepNote account with your Twitter account

Add notes, contact details, tags and reasons for following each of your Twitter peeps.

  1. Manage tags for a peep
  2. Make a note about why you started following a peep
  3. Manage notes about a peep
  4. Add contact and personal details (birthday, phone, email, etc)
  5. See their last mention of you
  6. Export to vCard
  7. Pause following a peep
  8. Synchronize this peep's Twitter data with the data displayed in PeepNote

2010 Spring Giveaway

In 2010, we gave one lucky winner an Easter basket packed full 'o goodies worth over $129! Congratulations, Lee Sullivan!! We hope you enjoyed your basket as much as we enjoyed having you as a valued user!

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What people said...

Mike Brisk

"I both like the feel and the concept. Very user friendly and very modern feel. Great work! I hope this can be a featured site on cnet or Leo Laporte. Being organized is a good thing, so why not organized in the social world too." ~ @mikebrisk


"This is a really excellent concept, I love it!! We are cultivating so many relationships that we can forget very important details about people. PeepNote will fix this and allow us to be seen as thoughtful and friendly..." ~ @HelenRappy


"Super smooth and sleek. The design is top notch. The functionality even better. Easy and intuitive—I had imported my peeps and was tagging and making notes rather quickly. If only I could get my dev team to crank out apps like this in two days." ~ @iamgarth


"That's peeping awesome :) Nice work." ~ @Brandensilva


"A beautiful design combined with great use of the Twitter API is used to fulfill a need for Twitter addicts like myself. This is quite an achievement to pull off in a weekend and I think it has a great future." ~ @dandenney


"Very nice application, I’ve need it for a long time!" ~ @jqr


"Incredible that such a nice application can be built in less than 48 hours. You guys did an excellent job. The design is great and it amazes me you even included a public API." ~ @brupm


"I like this app. Its very nicely done and really helps scatter-brained, forgetful people like me remember who’s who on their twitter list!" ~ @rosenthorns


" is a true application that allows you flexibility to keep up with followers whether to keep in touch, or remember their birthday" ~ @JanSimpson


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Brian is the founder and lead developer for his company Agile Nomads, specializing in Ruby on Rails development and Heroku hosting. See his work and get in touch at the website.

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